The System Loop

January 2019

You arrive inside the Unreal Engine editor, but the game isn’t finished yet.

Try to escape by using blocs the designer left aside !

Genre : Puzzle & Platform

Type : Student project

Tech : Unreal Engine 4

Team : Solo

  • Gizmos used as game design gimmick
  • Design of a dozen puzzles
  • Funny ambiance created by the Level Designer’s presence

The System Loop is a first person puzzle – platformer which takes place inside the Unreal Engine Editor.

The player controls the basic Unreal’s character and can make a gizmo appear on white blocs by clicking on it.

Depending on the gizmo, the player can move, scale or rotate the bloc. He can then use the bloc as a platform.

Transgressing the Level Designer’s orders (who hasn’t finished to build the level yet), the player must discretly escape by using the blocs placed around him !

The System Loop put the player both “in the game” and “out of the game”.

I went as close as possible to Unreal Engine’s editor (but from the perspective of someone inside the editor) by programming gizmos identical to real ones.

Unreal’s basic BSPs serve to indicate diegetically the way to the player and reinforce the Level Designer’s presence, still building the level.

The difficulty during the level design was related to the superposition of puzzle phases and platform phases. I designed them by aiming for a progressive and simultaneous difficulty curve for both gameplay types.

Finally, I made so the level designer listens and sings on top of Cuphead‘s musics to settle its presence into the real world.