Teddybear's Playtime

August 2019

A child’s room contains many items, but one of them seems to be a bit … unusual.

Genre : Puzzle

Type : Jam Game

Tech : Unity

Team : 4 people

  • Game Design starting from a graphic style
  • Level Design of 3 affordant puzzles
  • Made for the GMTK Jam #3

Teddybear’s Playtime is a puzzle game starring an unordinary Teddybear.

The player starts in a child’s room full of toys. In front of him, there is Teddy.

Some elements can be handled : Legos, Teddy’s pirate hook, a pencil …

Through a series of puzzles, the player interacts with the elements and combines them in specific ways (for example, put an eyeball back in its orbit).

Gradually, Teddy’s true appearance reveals itself …

I designed the game starting from the very special style of Tom Marrec, the team’s artist, who mainly draws characters in a psychedelic way.

Multiple of its drawings are made of many elements that strongly suggest some interactions : a finger – lighter that can be lit, a stomach – mouth that need to be fed …

I then imagined the player in front of a seemingly common toy that transforms gradually by interacting with it. The result would be an object similar to Tom’s creations.

The player’s goal is then to discover what the puzzles are by playing with the interactable elements.

You can find two of Tom’s drawings that inspired the concept (Instagram : tom_echo2).

About the Level Design, each puzzle posess its own rules and its own goal.

The challenge was then to suggest the principle of each puzzle without explain it explicitly to the player (to avoid breaking the game’s atmosphere).

To solve this problem, I relied on the affordance principle by suggesting the rules and goal of each puzzle only with graphisms, animations and sounds.

Tom and I closely worked together, bouncing his graphical concepts off my interactions ideas, so each element can offer a logical and intuitive interaction.

You can find the game on Itch.io