Age of Apes - Tap4Fun Paris


Genre : MMO Strategy

Plateform : Mobile

  • Designed a secondary gameplay
  • Game Design on the main game
  • UI mockups
  • Documentation for an international team
  • Internship Thesis (Fr)

During the 4 months of my internship, I worked as a Game Designer on Age of Apes, an MMO strategy game developed by Tap4Fun Paris.

This work has been made in parallel with a developer team located in Chengdu, China. Therefore, all the documents have been produced in english.

My main mission was the design of a secondary gameplay, which goal is to offer a quickly achievable objective to the player.

I thus designed Drive the Rocket, an infinite side-scroller where an accelerating miniature rocket has to travel the longest distance possible.

You can find its Game Design Document in pdf.

Before choosing Drive the Rocket‘s concept, I went through a research period during which I presented more than ten detailed pitches to the team.

Every pitch is somehow linked to the main game, for them to feel consistent into the game’s environment.

You can find the document describing all the pitches here.

For production reasons, Drive the Rocket‘s Level Design leant rapidly toward procedural generated levels.

Thanks to rational design, I created a procedural generation system based on the appearance of branchings.

Each branch contains a particular challenge type. Depending on the challenges, the player will choose which one to face by entering one of the branches.

You can find details on the procedural generation in pdf

And you can find all the secondary gameplay’s creation process in detail in my internship thesis (in french) !

I also worked on some parts of the main game.

I designed multiple elements and systems such as the buildings’ unlocking conditions, the effect of several items and the ranking list.

Furthermore, I designed multiple UI screens showing important informations and offering some action possibilities.

Thus, I chose and placed the relevant elements to display, while taking into account the specificities of the mobile platform regarding the size, the lisibility and the understanding of every information.

Finally, I worked on some documentation required by the game designers and the developers.

For instance, I drew up a list detailling all the game’s buffs and where to find them, with the help of the other documents previously produced.

To assist the creation of the tutorial and the First Time Experience, I also analyzed the tutorials of several other mobile MMO strategy games.

You can find the game here on Android or iOs !