The Morrowind experience updated into Skyrim!

Genre: Action RPG

Type: Modding

Tech: Skyrim CK

Team: ~ 50 people

  • Level Design and finalization of multiple dungeons
  • Navmesh & Pathfinding
  • Made with the Skyrim Creation Kit

Skywind is an international collaborative mod project for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It’s an adaptation of Morrowind, the previous game of The Elder Scrolls series, right into the Skyrim engine, the Creation Engine.

I’ve worked in this project for a few months as a Level Designer and built dungeons with the Skyrim Creation Kit, the modding tool given by Bethesda.

Even if the dungeons are based on Morrowind’s, the team aves freedom to level designers to adapt and follow or not the original level, as long as there is the same type of loots and ennemies overall.

My work has been divided into multiple tasks : designing and building dungeons into the Creation Kit, navmeshing, pathfinding, optimization with occlusion planes and finalizations of previously built dungeons. Among other things, I created three dungeons based on different environments : a cave, a shipwreck and a tomb.

Palansour Cave

This dungeon has initially been created by another level designer, but a problem arised: the player could easily chase the dungeon’s boss, an Ogrim, by leading him to impraticable zones for his height. I then have been tasked to entirely redesign the boss section, to make the player unable to escape the Ogrim’s hammer.

To do this, I designed the section so the player has to go into a submerged tunnel to enter the Ogrim’s room. When in the room, he cannot lead him to other sections, the Ogrim beeing unable to go into water. You can find the map designed beforehand and images of the section below.

Prelude Shipwreck

The Prelude Shipwreck is a dungeon initially designed on two floors, which has been shortened into only one floor in Skywind. The place beeing quite small, I mostly worked on interior elements placement to make the ship unique and noteworthy, and on environmental narration to stimulate the player’s imagination.

Sadryon Ancestral Tomb

Finally, for this dungeon full of skeleton enemies, I’ve extended and enriched the initial layout to improve the pacing. As the player goes deeper and deeper, he will discover an ancient Dunmer tomb falling into ruine.