Hot & Cool

June 2018

Le Frigo, empty for a few days, starts to despair. 
Pushed by the captain, M. Télévision, he turns into a detective and tries to understand the reasons of his emptyness !

Genre : Visual Novel

Type : Jam Game

Tech : Unity

Team : 7 people

  • Composition of 3 different musics
  • Made for the NEW Jam (theme : My fridge is empty)

Hot&Cool  is an investigation – Visual Novel personifying the domestic appliances.

I composed and recorded the music depending on the game designer’s needs.

I accompanied Detective LeFrigo in his investigation by composing a mysterious music, putting the player right into the game’s atmosphere. The instruments, limited to light percussions and an acoustic guitar, play a jazzy music inspired by The Pink Panther.

Contrasting with the main music, the final revelation is driven by a dynamic music, coherent with the other ones thanks to the acoustic guitar and the funky pulse taken to some titles such as Tutu (Miles Davis) and Persona 5‘s soundtracks.

The outcome’s music is in a much more cosy and friendly atmosphere, lighten by the use of the solo guitar. I included some musical references, in particular to Final Fantasy‘s soundtrack.

Fin the game on

All the tracks are available on SoundCloud !