Hit the Green!

April 2018

Enjoy a little round of golf while discovering a charming and colorful scenery, your ears soothed by the pleasant sound of Bossa Nova.

Genre : FPS & Sport

Type : Jam Game

Tech : Unity

Team : 8 people

  • Game Design development
  • Level Design for the 2nd level
  • Composition of the 3 musics
  • Made for the Ludum Dare #41 (theme : combine 2 incompatible genres)

Hit the Green!  is a mix between a golf game and a First – Person Shooter.

Starting with this idea, the design choices were systematically driven by the humor and the contrast between the serious aspect of the weapons and the casual armosphere of golf.

I took part to the Game Design development and designed the 2nd level of the game, which takes the form of a mini-golf and constrasts with the overpowered weapons in the hands of the player.

The music was composed and recorded with this “shift” intention too.

I then made a Bossa Nova as the main music, an epic music when the player uses the rocket launcher and a Choral in the style of Johann – Sebastian Bach as a victory music.

Find the game on Itch.io

All the tracks are available on SoundCloud !