January 2018

Slide and jump between plateforms in a psychedelic world with a funky rhythm !

Genre : Action

Type : Personal Project

Tech : Unity

Team : Solo

  • Designed an action – platform game
  • Focus on the second-to-second feeling
  • 5 levels created
  • Funky music composition

Funkyboard  is an action – platform game inspired by the Teensie Highway  levels in Rayman 3

The avatar moves forward and jumps automatically at the end of the platforms. The player can steer it on the horizontal axis and must reach the end of the level while collecting the most points.

During the levels, the player will encounter obstacles and obtain special abilities that allows him to eliminate enemies or grab rings floating in the air.

I developed the game in its entirety (design, programmation in C#, modelisation and animation with MagicaVoxel and Blender) exept for of the background graphics, created by schizo604 (youtuber) and used with his authorization.

Firstly, I worked on the controls’ second-to-second feeling thanks to a very simple prototype. I adjusted inputs reactivity and added Air Control accordingly.

The objective was to create a very fast-paced game, so I lightened the number of simultaneous inputs asked to the player and focused only on their execution speed.

Including an automatic jump at the end of the platforms allowed then to reduce the player’s mental charge and make him focus on the horizontal control of the avatar.

To create an « easy to learn, hard to master » challenge, I designed the levels so multiple ways can be taken right from the second level.

Each way has its own difficulty level : the more difficult the way is, the more points the player will find.

In total, I created 5 levels, with 2 of them in a prototype form. The last 2 levels give special abilities to the player : a super-punch allowing to blow up obstacles and ennemies, and a hook to grab floating rings.

The music is based on a simple bass repeated from start to finish. Three different atmosphere succeed each other on top of the ostinato, inspired by Miles Davis, Rayman 3  and the Guitars Unlimited.

The music is available on SoundCloud !