March 2019

Four individuals with different moral values have no other choice but to cooperate.

Genre : Management

Type : Student game

Tech : Unity

Team : 5 people

  • Design of a management – simulation game
  • Substractive design & rational design
  • Creation of a modular narrative system
  • Evolutive music composition

Braises is a management – simulation game in which the player must bring four characters with different moral values to cooperate.

After assigning a task to each character, the player will observe their conversation around the camp fire. Everyone will express whether or not he agrees with the activity of the others, and the player will need to adapt the task distribution accordingly the following day.

When a character makes the same task multiple times, he builds a specific object. At 4 objects, the player wins.

During the project, I did the major part of the game design.

One of the game’s intention is to observe the consequence of our actions on Others.

To reinforce the impact of the player’s choices and keep the game’s ambition achievable, I used substractive design to shape the game. Every mechanic previsouly created that wasn’t directly linked to the game’s intention has been cut out.

For example, one of the actions that can be assigned to the characters is related to food gathering : however, there is no resource management system. Indeed, it would have focused the player on the result of the action and not on the way the character did it (which is the true confrontation field between the characters).

I also designed a modular narrative system in which every conversation possess mutliple answers, chosen automatically depending of the situation. This allowed the narrative designer to create much more varied dialogues, based on the player’s choices.

We constructed the level design by iteration thanks to a rational design document I made, which allows to easily test and modify the game’s variables in a simple Excel doc.

Finally, I composed an evolutive music that is gradually enriched during the game, reflecting the character’s progression. Melancholic and sad, it was inspired by Claude Debussy’s harmonies and some of Rich Vreeland’s (alisa Disasterpeace) tones.

The music is available below :