Mars 2020

Alonen’t is a game about sticking together and asking for help.

Genre : Arcade

Type : Jam Game

Temps : 48 hours

Team : 4 people

  • Game Design development
  • Behaviour trees for multiple AIs
  • Variables tweaks to adjust the game feel
  • Made for the Stay Safe! Jam 2020 (theme : solidarity)

Alonen’t was made for the Stay Safe! Jam 2020, durant the french quarantine. The team was made up of a programmer, an artist, a sound designer and myself as a game designer.

A good part of my work has been dedicated to the design of AI behaviors, during which I made multiple diagrams and tables for the programmer. Each diagram describes the conditions by which the AI changes its state, completed by a table indicating the effect of each state and another about the different feedbacks and their triggers.

Another part of my job has been project management and communication between team members. You can find below the asset lists for the artist and the sound designer, which enabled an effective production and a good project monitoring.

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