Born in an artistic environment involving musicians, composers, dancers, painters, comedians and poets, I have developed a natural taste for creation

This taste accompanied me everywhere: in the guitar, the piano and the trumpet, through poetry writings, bonsaïs creation, pixel art and even beer brewing.

In love with games since my childhood (the main ones beeing Rayman 3Age of Mythology and Minecraft), it is during my studies in the National Superior Musical Conservatory of Paris (CNSMDP) that I discovered Game Design.

After quickly getting involved in multiple game jams, I intensely felt a new pah taking shape and didn’t hesitate to change of career path after my musical studies, which has brought me in a Professional Bachelor in Game Design and Level Design at Bobigny, France.

My Game Design internship in Tap4Fun Paris let me dive into the scale and demanding nature of professional video game design.

I see in each project the opportunity to ask new questions, discover new perspectives and meet new peoples. Whatever the game, I always try to convey an expressive experience by using my own experience as an inspiration.